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Scientifically Researched Curriculum

The exclusive Kid Shapers curriculum is the outcome of 20 years of research by the San Diego State University. The curriculum has evolved over the years making it an organic fit for local market demands and is customized for individual school requirements.


Internationally Certified Trainers

Kid Shapers trainers are SPARK-certified following a rigorous two month training programme under the direct supervision of US-based SPARK master trainers.


4,000+ Activities

With an unprecedented library of over 4,000 sports activities, Kid Shapers is the thought leader in curricular innovation with the addition of archery, nitroball, broomball and golf to its programme.


Trainer:Student ratio

The Kid Shapers trainer-student ratio of 1:35 exceeds the RTE (Right to Education Act) comparable guidelines of 1:40 ensuring better programme outcomes. Other operators pale in comparison with an average trainer-student ratio of 1:60.


Personal Equipment

Each student has an individualized set of equipment as part of the Kid Shapers programme as opposed to group sharing of equipment in other Physical Education equivalents.


Relations Team

Our relations team ensures that our management personnel visit the school once every ten days to ensure high-quality operational implementation and address school, parent and student needs at an individual level.