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Early Childhood

Our programme for Early Childhood (EC) represents a paradigm shift in the way physical activity has traditionally been instructed. The primary goal of this programme is to ensure that children engage in sufficient minutes of developmentally appropriate physical activity. Here, our main target is to engage all kids so that the essence of physical education, sports and fitness is inculcated in the toddler mind also as it is the right age to begin with. Many of these activities are meant to integrate with other subjects like reading, writing, arithmetic and wellness concepts. The concept of wellness helps children adapt to good habits such as trying new foods, enjoy family dining making it easier for them to learn.

The Kid Shapers Physical Education for primary grades is the foundation programme that kick starts your kid’s realistic practice leading towards a healthier and stronger future. Playing is a fundamental mode of learning. Believing so we offer myraids of options in realistic number that inculcate diverse skills and activities, appropriate for kindergarten through second grade children. The whole curriculum is designed to introduce practical sports knowledge in an involving way that acts as building blocks for a better & sporting tomorrow.

Grade K-2

Some of the major objectives of Kid Shapers K to 2 Programme include:
Body and Spatial awareness, locomotors and non-locomotor skills, directionality, pathways, levels and tempos, balance, small and large objects manipulation, flexibility, agility and strength. These objectives are achieved through units like Parachute, Manipulative, Balance, Stunts and Tumbling, etc. The base is the stronghold of a fortress.

Grade 3-6

This module lays emphases on health-related fitness activities. However, the objective is to achieve other traditional Physical Education outcomes, including the development of motor skills, team performance and sporting spirit. The uniqueness of this module is that in-depth knowledge of fitness and curricula is provided via Kid Shapers Home Play activities and during the cool-down and closure segment of each lesson rather than using valuable class time.

Grade 7-12

Kid Shapers 7 to 12 module is specifically designed to focus on middle and high school Physical Education Programmes. At this age, when students have developed interests and understanding for sports selection, our role is to prepare and empower them with high intensity authenticated professional coaching / training on traditional patterns. Here we deliver the programme with specialized NIS coaches for different team games: Basket Ball, Soccer, Cricket, Volley Ball, Hockey, Hand Ball, Kho-Kho. Individual Games: Athletics, Lawn Tennis, Table Tennis, Skating, Swimming, Taekwondo, Badminton, Chess, Judo, Rope Skipping, Wusu, Aerobics, Gymnastic, Shooting, Archery. Psychology Program is meant to prepare a mentally strong being. It empowers young kids to deal with self-constraints to grow into emotionally, socially and physically strong individuals.

Kid Shapers & Active Kids is a research-based public health organization of State University Research Foundation (disseminated by School Speciality, Inc). We adhere to our moto of providing physical & mental wellness with our constant research and then implementing the solutions to achieve the aforementioned. Kid Shaper includes physical agility of kids, which is well amalgamated with their regular school syllabus to give them a better cumulative learning.

Add On Programmes


Our Yoga training programme offers a unique holistic approach that specifically addresses the needs and capabilities of children to empower them.

Music & Dance

Kids get trained by our music and dance experts. We at Kid Shapers make use of latest technologies for this programme to make it one of the best.

Fitness & Diet

A healthy and balanced diet not only feeds the body but it nourishes a soul too. A correct diet leads to a healthy individual and his bright future. Vitamins, minerals, proteins, iron, calcium, and zinc and so on, all the components have to be freed in right amount and proportion for a healthy being. Your energy levels and growth parameters depend on a balanced diet. Here a professional and expert guidance is must for a proper growth.

Health Checkups

A specialized team of renowned doctors assist us to conduct regular health checkups to reassure the health of the kids in addition to all fitness & diet programmes.